I was so light that I almost died.

I live in a town with misfits and cripples. Everyone has their own story as to how they’ve lost something. We live in a empire made of shit and sand. We are mostly certainly the damned. It gets so black around summer time. The wind kicks up and the surrounding smear. Mary is missing a finger, she served it in some salad. Johnny has no ear because he could no longer bare the sound of his mothers laughter. I was determined to break my right hand to stop the words and pictures. I planned to live alone inside an un-sturdy cottage. Maybe somewhere in the desert with only the sound of tumble weed and crowing birds with eyes as hungry as a new born. I went to the grocery store to by some gauze. This is where I met a man that went by the name of Oliver. He asked me how I was… clean up on isle four… the words dribbled from my lips and formed a heated puddle at my feet. Oliver was a one eyed beggar which was why i had difficulty trying to comprehend his ramblings about all the beauty he saw each morning. Oliver confessed to me that he wished he hadn’t feed his eye to the birds after witnessing a horrible crime sometime last November. I felt my jaw clench up and walked home with bags in hand and sand in my eyes. I distinctly remember that day. Not because of Oliver but because of the dress I was wearing. It was dingy lavender in color and danced in the breeze all day long. I got so fed up with the fabric kicking up every time the wind blew, that i decided to tape my dress to my thighs. Approximately an hour past before the tape melted and my dress freed itself once again. It reminded me of the time I tired to fly out of town with skeleton arms. The wind stung my eyes thus causing my left eye to profusely water – it suddenly became so easy to cry. In that moment I realized that one can never change the things that are meant to be, and the same rule applies to the things that aren’t meant to be.

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