Censorship looks good on nippless breasts
beat the dead horse with a shrew
pope on his knees corrupting pure soil
regretful saints, justified sinner
regretful loan cloth purity suspended by nails
break the bone, kiss thy feet
hang yourself by a social disease
Erotic Asphyxiation for the boredom of youth
everyman fights with both eyes closed

crack pot, jack pot, Satan’s silver spoon
Welcome Mephistopheles
salivating jewel tongued concubines
I never learned how to kiss without teeth
cobra fangs melt like metal
leave a man alone with a grenade
and he will manage to balls up
rational/logical vs. brute realism & absurdity
un willingly, willingly, awaiting landslide

paper faces smeared black lines
quotes, ink blot heart attacks
block the blood flow by design
Black face trial of all trials
indisputable reequipped divided sublime
i do not bat an eye at the grim sight of death
we’re all saints of imperial meltdowns
comatose victims of culture consumption

Apollo takes advantage of Dionysus
dichotomy’s sudden metamorphose
dream illusion
a god behind a mask

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